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In , he contracted leprosy and was treated in the Quy Hoa Hospital where he died. Apart from his excellent poetic works, Han Mac Tu is well-known for his various lovers, all of whom were said to be as beautiful and romantic as his verses. Ha was so interested in the poet that he learnt most of his poems by heart. It also deals with the relevant issues of all youth, like friendship, love and life.

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Han Mac Tu appears in the film as a young intellectual patriot, who intended to go to France to study. At the age of 11, Ha always have to wake up early to his mother to make meals and give customers; At the same time, Thanh Ha's mother introduced her to art by taking her to drama school at Idecaf every night. Although this role was considered not very prominent but since then, Thanh Ha has been the art of attention.

After filming Love, she was invited to play the role of Mong Cam in Han Mac Tu, and this role has been considered a success. Then she filmed the film As Flavor as Small Ut and a series of other ads.

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With the success of her career, she was awarded the Most Favorite Actress of the Year ; Thanh Ha suddenly went to Singapore to study Hotel Management College when she became famous in both the small screen and the stage. Reviews Review Policy.

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