Mac disk utility repair not available

The View drop-down in the top left corner lets you view all devices or just the logical volumes. Select a volume or device by clicking on it to obtain information about your selection. You will see the currently used and free space on the disk as well as its capacity, mount point, type of drive, and the file system used on the disk. The options are:.

Help! Disk Utility Failed to Repair This Disk

A volume option is also on the top of the menu and allows you to add or delete volumes to a container if available for your selection. Care needs to be taken when formatting disks. An inadvertent format of the wrong disk can cause some serious problems and data loss, so proceed with caution. One of the main uses of Disk Utility is to repair a disk.

SOLVED: Disk Utility can't repair my drive? What to do now? - MacBook Pro - iFixit

You will want to perform this task if your hard drive is experiencing problems such as slow access time or missing and corrupted files. Follow this procedure to repair a disk. Hopefully, after running First Aid, your disk problems will be resolved. If not, you may need to engage in further investigation.

Disks that appear in the listing of available devices are normally already mounted. You will be able to Mount or Unmount the disk based on its current state. These options are on the top menu and are only highlighted when the command can be used on your selected disk. Disk Utility can also be used to restore a disk from another connected disk.

The restore function destroys all data on the destination disk so should be used with caution. While Disk Utility is a great tool that allows you to better understand your disks and perform many important tasks on them, it does have certain limitations. You may find that running First Aid is not enough to repair your disk and make it fully operational again. Perhaps you have to perform a data recovery and need to employ a specialized tool such as Disk Drill data recovery software.

Disk Drill can help you recover lost and deleted files from formatted drives. There is a known anomaly that can rear its ugly head when attempting to use Disk Drill to enact a data recovery. The issue is that a disk may appear in Disk Utility but is not visible to Disk Drill.

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If confronted with this problem, your first action should be to make sure that the volume is mounted in Disk Utility. If it is mounted and still is not visible to Disk Drill, contact technical support at CleverFiles. They will work through the problem and troubleshoot the issue with you. We hope that this overview of Disk Utility illustrates the benefits that it can afford Mac users. It is an easy to use utility that you should become familiar with as a way to maintain the vital data stored on your hard disks.

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Menu Disk Drill. Tags: data recovery , Disk Drill for macOS , recover deleted files , troubleshoot.

What is Disk Utility? Some of the things that you can do with Disk Utility are: Mounting, unmounting, and ejecting disks Partitioning of hard disks and storage devices Setting up and managing RAID disk sets Managing physicals disks and volumes Erasing and formatting disks Verifying the integrity of your storage devices Repairing damaged or corrupted storage device configurations Creation and conversion of disk images in various formats In versions of the Mac operating system prior to El Capitan OS X The options are: First Aid Partition Erase Restore Mount A volume option is also on the top of the menu and allows you to add or delete volumes to a container if available for your selection.

Formatting a Disk Here is the procedure to use when you want to format a disk. Click on the disk you intend to format. Want to use Disk Utility to fix them but receive an error message "Disk Utility can't repair this disk"? This post will walk you through how to quick and effectively fix this issue. Disk Utility, developed by Apple, is a comprehensive system utility for performing disk and disk volume-related tasks on the Mac operating systems. These tasks include formatting, partitioning, erasing, cloning disks, repairing a damaged disk, etc. When certain disk problems happen, to repair this disk using Disk Utility will be a good choice.

💽 Disk Utility Can't Repair This Disk on Mac? Solve It Now! [MiniTool Tips]

Disk Utility can't repair this disk". Actually, the above message won't show up in normal circumstances of disk errors. But if the hard drive is beyond the repair scope of Disk Utility, for example, file system gets corrupted, the issue appears. Well then, what should you do to fix Macintosh HD, external hard drive or another disk that Disk Utility can't repair?

How to fix common Mac problems

Here are some solutions for you. If Disk Utility can't repair external hard drive or Macintosh HD, you should do as the error message shows: back up as many of your files as possible before fixing the issue for data protection. Before solving the drive that Disk Utility can't repair, the most important thing is to make a backup of the disk data.

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Usually, the tool called Time Machine will be the good option. It is the built-in feature of the Mac and can back up your files with ease to an external storage device so as to restore them in the event of unexpected accidents. Step 2: Then an alert may appear on your Mac asking if you want to configure it as the backup disk with Time Machine. Just click Use as Backup Disk.

Besides, it is recommended to check Encrypt Backup Disk. This post from apple website - How to use Time Machine to back up your Mac shows you more information.

How to use macOS Recovery to restore the operating system on your Mac

Moreover, this drive contains the Mac operating system. To fix the issue, you should use FSCK tool. How to reinstall macOS will be helpful. If Disk Utility failed to repair your external hard drive or other data disk, the above solution is not suitable.

FIX Mac Disk Utility Error First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired.

In this case, you can do nothing but to reformat the disk. How can you format the target hard drive? Step 2: Select the target disk or drive, click Erase feature in the top menu. Note that this operation will destroy all the data stored on it. Step 3: Enter a name, choose a file system and a partition map. Finally, click Erase button. After completing the formatting, Disk Utility can't repair this disk issue on an external hard drive can be solved.

And there is another thing you should do, that is to restore the deleted data from the backups. Step 1: Select Enter Time Machine from the menu bar. Step 3: Use the timeline on the edge of the screen or onscreen up and down arrows to quickly find needed items. Step 4: Select the needed items and click Restore button to finish the recovery. Try the above solutions now. When Disk Utility failed to repair disk, you may forget to back up the important files and directly format the target disk.

As a result, formatting will make you lose all the data. In this case, the key thing is to recover lost files from the formatted hard drive. Well then, is there any data recovery software help you to get files back?